WebFX gives back.

We are committed to bettering the communities we all live, work, and play in. Read below to learn more about WebFX’s efforts to improve the places we call home. With global projects likeFXBuilds, internal building projects likeGreenFX,或者当地慈善机构的努力,我们的团队承诺to living out our value of leaving the world a better place.

Learn more about our community impact efforts below


WebFX made a donation to Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania, helping to support their plan to build a village of 15 tiny homes surrounding a community center for homeless veterans.

Guatemala Conservation Coast Visit

Carbon negative

WebFX is committed to decreasing our carbon footprint by installing solar panels at our headquarters, encouraging green commuting, and saving more than 24,000 plastic bottles. We’ve also partnered with Guatemala Conservation Coast to preserve 100 acres of biodiverse forest.Learn more.

STEMFX education program

Established in 2020, STEMFX provides ongoing learning and growth opportunities to high school-aged students in the Harrisburg area. This grant program allows students to learn cutting-edge skills in digital marketing, design, and development. Learn more on ourwebsite.

Cleaning our waterways

WebFX partners with The Ocean Cleanup to clean and protect waterways around the globe. Our goal is to remove over 275 football fields’ worth of plastic from the ocean each year.Learn more about our waterway cleanup efforts here.

Volunteering at Bethesda Mission

Volunteering at Bethesda Mission is one of our team’s favorite activities. We typically head over after our work day and spend a few hours serving dinner to those who need it. We also help do the dishes so that everything is just as we found it for the daily volunteers! Not to mention, we’ve donated over 2,000 meals!

Cards for Caitlin’s Smiles

Caitlin’s Smiles is a local organization that donates cards to children with chronic and life-threatening illness. We love spending our work breaks crafting fun cards that bring light and hope to the children of Harrisburg and surrounding areas!

2,000+ trees planted near local waterways

WebFX donates one tree for every FXer at the end of every quarter! It’s a great way to give back to one of our favorite local parks, Wildwood Park, and keep area waterways clean and beautiful.Learn more about our efforts in this article from The Burg.

Volunteering at Central PA Food Bank

Central PA Food Bank has been a favorite volunteer spot for the WebFX team over the years. WebFX has volunteered to organize supplies and pack food for the local community.

Helping Local Students Thrive

WebFX team members regularly host high school and college classes at our office to discuss career and education tips. We’ve also sponsored class field trips and worked with local organizations to donate summer activity supplies for local kids.

Ongoing Partnership with LGBT Community Center of Central PA

WebFX has committed to donating $2,000 per year to the LGBT Community Center of Central PA to support allyship and anti-bullying training in local schools.

Paid FXer Membership for Harrisburg Young Professionals

WebFX team members are reimbursed for HYP and YPOC-HBG memberships.

YPOC Adopt-A-Classroom program

WebFX is a part of Young Professionals of Color’s adopt-a-classroom program, which gives $500 grants to teachers in the Harrisburg area.

Historic Harrisburg Renovation

Built in 1895, the Mansion as it is now known was recently a dilapidated building that WebFX worked to diligently restore to beautify Harrisburg’s midtown neighborhood and create a home for the WebFX team. Our restoration efforts were awarded in 2015.

Learn More About Our FXBuilds Program

We don’t want to limit ourselves to just making a difference locally, we wanted to expand our efforts to help people around the world.Read more about this program and the global impact we’ve made here.

Check out the organizations that mean a lot to us!

We’ve made contributions to the following non-profit organizations. They are near and dear to our WebFX family!

Women for Women

Serving women in 8 countries, Women for Women provides a sponsor the opportunity to provide financial and emotional support directly to an individual woman who has been left in a desperate situation. These women are often trying to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of a regional conflict or war. Karie Shearer, Executive Vice President & COO of WebFX, has been faithfully sponsoring ‘sisters’ in the W4W program since 2006 In Bosnia and Herzegovina and Afghanistan.Learn more about the organization at WomenForWomen.org

Capital Area Big Brothers, Big Sisters

为孩子大哈里斯堡地区,把al Area Big Brothers, Big Sisters provides volunteers an opportunity to mentor a child between the ages of 6-18 years of age. Just a few hours of time spent with these local kids every month has been proven to make a tremendous impact for good in their lives. Bill Craig, President of WebFX, has been an active member of Big Brothers since 2004. His “little brother” graduated from high school in 2013 and now studies Computer Science at Shippensburg University.Learn more about the organization at CapBigs.org

Forgotten Voices International

Based out of Pennsylvania, Forgotten Voices works through local churches in Zimbabwe and Zambia to provide sustainable care for children orphaned by AIDS. Our team recently choose to contribute to Forgotten Voices in celebration of meeting our monthly goals for the month. WebFX also has a few team members who volunteer directly with this unique nonprofit organization.Learn more about them at ForgottenVoices.org

Partners in Health

Working in 12 different countries around the world, Partners in Health is focused on developing and bolstering public health care infrastructures. After the earthquake in Haiti, WebFX decided to support PIH after carefully researching the aid organizations involved in helping survivors. We’ve been supporting them ever since.Learn more about PIH on their website.

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society formed in 1913 and is a powerful force in the fight against cancer. The organization works to save lives through research, preventative education, and awareness. We have donated to American Cancer Society through participation in Daffodil Days. Every employee received a daffodil plant, many of which are still blooming each year.Learn more at Cancer.org.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. WebFX is strongly committed to this organization, as one of our own team members has a child affected by the illness. We set a goal in 2012 to donate $1,000 to the organization (which was later doubled by another donor), and we donated another $3,000 in 2015. We’ve also been involved in a yearly fundraiser to raise additional support.Learn more about the organization at CFF.org.

Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise is a nonprofit organization that builds schools and trains teachers in developing countries. 100% of all donations made to POP go to their programs, which is why we started our #FXBuilds program with a goal of raising $25,000 in 2014. This donation is now going towards building a school for 90 children in rural Guatemala, and in December 2015, we raised another $25,000 to build a school in Ghana.Learn more about the organization at PencilsofPromise.org.