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500+ Business Leaders Spill How They’re Doing Digital Marketing in 2024


Did you know digital advertising spending is expected to reach over $695 billion in 2024? But with so many digital channels to invest in, where exactly are business leaders investing that money, and what are their top goals? […]

6 Best Wireframe Tools for an Efficient Web Design Process

Web Design

Wireframing is a critical step in the web design and development process. Think of it as the first step that sets the stage for a well-designed website that drives qualified traffic and converts site visitors. The task of wireframing […]

How to Choose an ERP System: 6 Things to Consider


In this video, Trevin from our Marketing team will walk you through how to choose an ERP system for your company. Keep reading to find out more! Transcript Contrary to popular belief, ERP does not stand for “extremely random […]

10 High-Quality Strategies for How to Generate Sales Leads


Ultimately, the goal of a digital marketing campaign is to encourage users to convert. Before you can get people to convert, though, you first need them to become leads. But what exactly are sales leads, and how can you get […]


How to Use Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

In this video, Patrick from our Internet Marketing team will give a very basic overview of how to use Google Analytics 4. Keep reading to find out more! Transcript Google Analytics is one of the most widely used digital […]

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30 of Our Favorite Content Creation Tools

Content Marketing

Creating content for your website, social media, and email is essential for marketing. There are plenty of tools available to simplify the process and make it easier to create content. We will break down the top 30 content creation […]

B2B Lead Generation: 12 Proven Tactics for the B2B Market


Do you want to stay competitive in today’s rapidly-growing market? If so, you need to focus on generating high quality leads that you can nurture into clients for your business-to-business (B2B) company. B2B lead generation is crucial for helping your […]

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Your Guide to Marketing Content Workflow

Content Marketing

A content workflow is a series of tasks and operations that your team uses to take content from ideation to publication. Without a content workflow, you might struggle to keep up with content demands and miss out on the benefits […]

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What Are SEO Services? (And What Do SEO Services Include?)


Keep reading to learn more about the meaning of SEO services, including how much they cost, what they should include, and how to find the best type of SEO service. If you have questions about our SEO plans, […]

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Web Design

What Is A Modal in Web Design? Definition, Examples, and How To Use Modals

Check out these modal windows for inspiration. Websites often use modal windows as call-to-action tools and for pointing out important information.