Job Interview Phishing Scam Notice

Last Updated: February 2023

Update: In addition to the information below, is not affililated with cyrptocurrency or any online payment systems.

海外骗子,骗子可以模拟一个company in an attempt to gain access to your personal information, including bank account details, and to fraudulently conduct business with others. We’ve been alerted to a few people impersonating our employees and conducting fake interviews as WebFX over Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, email, various messaging apps, and third party employment sites like Monster, Upwork, and RemoteHub.

While WebFX conducts much of the hiring process virtually at the moment due to Covid-19, please note that we will only contact you via verified email addresses for email correspondence, sending calendar invites, and video conferencing.

If you have received correspondence from someone claiming to represent WebFX or WebpageFX, be aware that:

  • WebFXDOES NOThire outside agencies
  • WebFXDOES NOTconduct any employment interviews or business over Telegram, Whats App, Skype chats, Google Chat, or direct messages.
  • WebFXDOES NOTuse generic email addresses (such as,, or to communicate whatsoever.
  • WebFXNEVERasks for bank details or to open new accounts or wire money.

When in doubt, only reply to email addresses, and don’t hesitate to verify with us who you are communicating with. To do this, or if you have any other questions, please contactfraud [@] webfx.comfor more information

If you’ve received messages or emails that look like the examples below, please know that they are part of this fraudulent scheme. WebFX’s name is being used without our authorization and we have no involvement with this or any other scams.

You can learn more about these types of scams here:

If this has happened to you, please contact your bank ASAP and report the fraud here: