Addressable Geofencing Advertising Services

Your audience, whether business buyers, consumers, or both, is elusive. With addressable geofencing, however, that’s about to change. Our addressable geofencing services help your company launch hyper-targeted, addressed-based campaigns that drive in-store visits, phone calls, and most of all, sales.

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Explore Addressable Geofencing Advertising Plans

Aggressive Plan

$550/ month

  • $1,000 – $3,600 monthly ad spend
  • Up to 15 conversion zones
  • Web form, ecommerce, and foot traffic conversion traffic
  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile audience targeting

Market Leader Plan

15% of ad spend/ month

  • $3,600 or more monthly ad spend
  • Up to 50 conversion zones
  • Quarterly banner ads
  • Single target address fences


Amplify Your Advertising ROI With Addressable Geofencing Services

For almost 85% of marketers, location-based advertising creates more effective ad campaigns. It also improves the customer experience, generates higher conversion rates, and lifts sales and store visits. Companies looking to grow their market share can’t afford to ignore addressable geofencing.

我们的可寻址地理围墙服务让你普杜拉。布辛ess take advantage of addressed-based geofencing without the hassle of developing a strategy, launching a set of geofences, and monitoring your campaign.

Learn more about our addressable geofencing services, from how they can help your company generate more sales to how much they cost, by contacting our experienced team of strategists.Contact us onlineto get started now.

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WebFX Addressable Geofencing Advertising Service Pricing

Get the latest details on our addressable geofencing service plans below.

Features Aggressive Market Leader
Monthly Budget Paid to Ad Networks $1,000 – $3,600 $3,600+
Web Form Conversion Tracking
eCommerce Conversion Tracking
Brick and Mortar (Foot Traffic) Conversion Tracking
Location-Based Conversion Zones Based on Existing Customer List
Plat Line/Property Tax data used for precise address targeting
Ads displayed through In-App Mobile Advertising
Ads displayed through mobile programmatic display networks
Bulk Upload of Direct Mail Lists 5,000-20,000 addresses 20,000+ addresses
Bulk Upload of current customer shipping/mailing addresses from CRM 5,000-20,000 addresses 20,000+ addresses
Address list curation based on location, demographic characteristics, interests and lifestyle 5,000-20,000 addresses 20,000+ addresses
Bulk Upload of prospective customer shipping/mailing addresses 5,000-20,000 addresses 20,000+ addresses
Flight matching to traditional media campaigns to improve impression share
基于address-lev个性化动态的创造性el intelligence
Scrubbing of customer data after address matching for security
Initial Banner Ads Created (300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 300×50, 320×50) 3 edits 3 edits
Targets all mobile devices within target address
Targeting of Desktop, Tablet audiences after initial profile match
Campaign Locations Setup
350+ Ad Exchanges, Networks and Publishers
Fences as small as single target address
Audience Database Updated Daily
Recency Targeting Up to 30 Days
Conversion Zones Created Up to 15 Up to 50
Address-level and Zip-code level reporting
One-Time Setup Fee (First Month) $2,000 $3,000
Progressive Monthly Management (Ongoing) Minimum 6 month campaign required $550/month 15% of ad spend (min. $550/mo.)
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How does addressable geofencing work?

Our addressable geofencing services follow a straightforward yet customized process.

As a client, you can expect the following experience:

  1. Meet your dedicated account manager
  2. Discuss your goals, business, and target market
  3. Review your account manager’s proposed strategy and creative assets
  4. Provide a list of addresses you want to target
  5. Receive monthly progress reports, strategy updates, and more
  6. Consult with your dedicated account manager about any questions, requests, or updates

Keep in mind that your business can access and view your campaign performance at any time.

WithMarketingCloudFX, our proprietary marketing automation and return on investment (ROI) tracking software, you can check on your addressable geofencing campaign (as well as any other WebFXdigital marketing servicesyou use) from your desktop and even mobile device.

On the technical side, our addressable geofencing services follow these steps:

  1. Upload a list of addresses to target
  2. Match the addresses against plat line map data
  3. Scrub customer data for security and to protect user privacy and company data
  4. Create geofences around matched addresses
  5. Target users within each geofence
  6. Set cross-device targeting, if applicable
  7. Develop creative deliverables, like copy and banner ads
  8. Launch your addressable geofencing services campaign

If your company does decide to invest in addressable geofencing services, choose an agency that will value and protect your company’s data by scrubbing it.

Hiring an agency based on their prices alone may save your business money upfront but can cause unrepairable damage. These kinds of organizations can jeopardize not only your customer data but also your brand’s reputation by not scrubbing and protecting your data.

That’s why choosing ageofencing companythat scrubs user data, like WebFX, is critical.

Who can use addressable geofencing services?

Companies across industriescan take advantage and benefit from addressable geofencing, including:

  1. Utility providersthat want toattract new customers
  2. Banksthat want toincrease account openings, loan applications, and more
  3. Veterinariansthat want togenerate appointmentsfrom new and existing clients
  4. Dentiststhat want toreach potential clientsin their area
  5. Restaurantsthat want toincrease reservationsand walk-ins
  6. Floriststhat want toattract more bookingsfrom consumers and businesses
  7. Hotelsthat want togenerate reservationsthroughout the busy and slow season
  8. Real estate agentsthat want to earn new clients,promote listings, and increase closings
  9. Collegesthat want toincrease application and acceptance rates
  10. Car dealersthat want toattract local customers, advertise promotions, and generate sales
  11. And more

If you’re unsure about addressable geofencing and whether it’d benefit your company, you’re welcomed to ask our team. Aswe measure our success by your success, we’re not interested in recommending services that won’t work for our clients’ businesses.

Instead, we’re focused on helping you earn the most from digital marketing and advertising.

Chat with us one-on-one bycontacting us onlineor calling us at888-601-5359!